Sanaura Distribution Limited Review... Ben Nye Powders and More!!


Hello All,

Ooh it’s a chilly Wednesday for me today; well actually it’s always chilly in my office so it makes no real difference! Poor me! So for today’s post I want to introduce you to a company who some of you may not be familiar with and it’s called Sunaura Distribution Limited. 

When I first heard of Sunaura I was still attending the fabulous Waverley Academy and it was actually the night I got to meet one of my favourite Irish YouTubers Little Kiva whose Facebook page is linked HERE. She had a number of products that she loved on the night and I was mad to find out where she got them. On the night Little Kiva used two powders, the Ben Nye Cameo and Banana powder. Never heard of them? Get yourself onto YouTube and you will see the amount of American MUA’s using them in their videos. 

Sunaura stock the Ben Nye powders in two sizes, 1.5oz & 3oz. I was sent the 1.5oz and they are huge! I would deffo recommend this size if they are just for personal use but it’s really good to know you can also buy them larger. They are excellent highlighting and setting powders so I was dying to try them, you know what I’m like at this stage, someone I like uses a product and I just have to have it, it’s a curse!! I see a lot of other bloggers such as Facesbygrace23 using these powders for highlighting and setting the under eye area, so I knew I was using them in the right way. These powders have been coming with me everywhere and I love them!  Here is the link to the Ben Nye products on the Sunaura website 

Another product that Little Kiva loved was the Maquillage 10 Colour Palette PP.01 which Little Kiva calls the MAQ Pro Palette so I was delighted when I contacted Danielle in Sunaura and she knew exactly what I was talking about. I was very confused when listening to Kiva talk about this product as I kept trying to picture a MAC Cosmetics product but it’s nothing like that so don’t be confused like me. This little beauty is perfect for prepping the face and helping to cover any imperfections you may have. As the name implies, it comes with 10 different concealer shades and they are perfect for all skin types and areas you might want to hide or neutralise.  The product packaging is basic but there is loads of products inside, it will last you ages and it is so easy to bring with you in your makeup bag. You only need to use a little product at a time and it blends very easily. The link for this palette is 

I was very lucky to also receive a Sunaura blending brush the 6408 brush, very similar to the MAC217 which I featured in a recent Tuesday brush post as one of my current faves for blending; you can read all about the post HERE. This brush is so soft and is just one of the many brushes Sunaura have, all the brushes are handmade by their own brush maker and they are a fraction of the cost of MAC brushes. I would love to take a look at the other Sunaura brushes they have available, if the 6408 is anything to go by the cost is a bonus to such good quality products. Here is the link for the brushes on the Sunaura site 

Sunaura also stock a Swiss brand of skincare called Mila d’Opiz. This is exclusively available in their salons, it’s very high quality using only the best ingredients possible. I was given samples of the ranges such as a Cleanser, A Peeling Cream, A Day and Night cream. I have loved trying out these samples. As we all know over the last few months, trying to build on my skincare has been a nightmare, I have struggled to find good products and get them working on my skin. Of course with your skin it is not all down to what you use but what you take into your body and I was doing really well with my water intake and better food but I’ve taken a bit of a dip lately so really not happy about that  It’ll come right though I’ll make sure of it so these little samples were lovely. 

Sunaura’s Facebook page is linked HERE and their website is Customers can order the products through the website, but they also offer professional accounts for qualified & working beauty therapists and make-up artists, so anybody in the trade can contact them to provide details of their qualifications and then when you login you will get industry discounts.  This is a fantastic option for those of you that love a good shop and are yet to find all that you need in other places such as high street shops or salon services. They also have a trade shop in Kilcoole with the same industry discounts, but it is only open to professionals, and not to the general public.

If you are a Special FX or Theatrical MUA then this must be your one stop shop, they have a huge range of high quality products. If you have any questions or queries please do email them at and the girls will help you out. I am so glad to have heard of Sunaura and it will deffo be a store I shop in more and more.

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