Tuesday Brush Series- Eye brushes (full of pics tonight)


Hello Lovelies!!

So here we are really working through the brush series now!

Tonight I am going to be talking about eye brushes and I think we will take this all in one go and I will give a brief description of what brushes I like to use on my eyes on a regular basis. This post will be picture heavy as I show you my most favoured brushes at the minute and if you have any questions on pricing please feel free to email me at emmajosephinesheehan@gmail.com or through Facebook HERE. I will post links to online stores for brushes at the end of this post.

Eye brushes are probably the most bought item by me, I find that the most amazing makeup looks, look so because of the fantastic blending or colours used to create a real sultry smokey eye or a sharp perfect liner. I have bought loads of eye brushes in the last 12 months and it’s only now that I am starting to get comfortable with brushes.

Doing the weekly colour challenge with Elaine from Ruby Laine who you can check out HERE has really taught me about brushes, what I like to use, what I feel suits my face shape and what I tend to reach to more often than others.

So to start let’s look at flat shadow brushes, these brushes are not the most important brushes to me if I’m honest, a flat brush is good if it is tightly packed and can hold your shadow. These flat shadow brushes are usually used on the lid, spreading a base cream, a cream shadow or a powder shadow packed onto the lid. These brushes are also used for packing looser products such as pigments or glitter but we all know I am not overly brave when it comes to them!

My favourite flat shadow brushes are; my Nima wide flat brush, my Blank Canvas Cosmetics F24 & my Inglot 29PO brush.

Nima, Inglot & Blank Canvas

Onto blending brushes, now these I think I will always buy, I think if you find the perfect blending brush, buy three of them, you’ll always want to use the one you love most and you’ll be raging if you can’t have it because there’s a load of shadow stuck on it. Sounds mad me telling you to buy more than one of the same brush but if you are a MUA or just love doing your own makeup, you’ll understand the frustration of trying to clean a brush and complete a makeup look all looking through one eye trying to apply more shadow lol!!

Of course even with blending brushes there are different types so I am going to look at what I deem to be the different kinds of blending brushes…

The narrow blenders; these bad boys I would use in the crease (for a possible cut crease) also to add only a small amount of colour use a smaller brush, that kind of thing. So for this look I like to choose my Blank Canvas Cosmetics E10 and E40 brush, my Real Techniques base shadow brush.

Blank Canvas X2 & Real Techniques

Pencil Brushes; these brushes I would use for smoking out the under eye area, these can also be used in the crease again to add a small amount of colour, maybe a dark colour at the outer edge and then they would be blended out with a fluffier brush. My favourite pencil brushes are my Nima pencil brush from the 5 piece eye set and my Real Techniques Accent brush.

Real Techniques & Nima

Crease brushes; Now there are two types of blender for me, the fluffy (almost always black ones) and the application blenders (usually white) This may sound odd to you but for me I like to apply shadow into the crease using my white brushes so these would be my Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26 brush and my MAC 217 brush. Another newbie to this collection of great blenders is my Sunaura blending brush. This is so so similar to the 217 and I love it. It’s the first in the range I have tried which are handmade by their own 
brush maker and it’s a beautiful brush so deffo in time I would love to try more from this range.  These brushes I use first, so I take a little product onto the brush and work it into the crease using mostly these brushes. 

Blank Canvas, MAC, Sunaura

Then it’s onto extra blending…. 

The fluffy blenders I like to use are more fluffy than the white ones, they feel softer, are sometimes bigger than the white ones and they are great to blend out the colour and reduce any harsh lines you might have created on the eye. My most used fluffy brushes are, my Blank Canvas Cosmetics E25 my Inglot 6SS, my Fuschia fluffy blending brush and finally my crown fluffy blender (I don't remember the no. of this one)


Blank Canvas, Inglot, Fuschia & Crown brush

Here is the collection of my current faves!

Of course ladies, for those of you that are starting off on buying brushes, don't feel you need to get this many all at once. I have built up this collection over the last 12 months. There are great offers to be had on websites sometimes between 10-20% off at weekends. You can also get great details such as sets for around €25-€30. I hope you have found this post helpful and again any questions please contact me.

Links for brushes:

Blank Canvas: https://www.facebook.com/BCCosmetics?fref=ts 
Inglot: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Inglot-Make-Up-Ireland/153416228012372?fref=ts 
Fuschia: https://www.facebook.com/THEFUSCHIAEFFECT?fref=ts 
Nima Brush: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NIMA-Brush/219992084765421?fref=ts 
Crown: https://www.facebook.com/crownbrush?fref=ts 
Real Techniques: https://www.facebook.com/realtechniques?fref=ts 

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