Mock Exam week at Waverley and RESULTS!!!


Eeeek so this was my first run at the ITEC Makeup Exam!!

I was quite nervous last week I have to say, I think I found the test a lot more daunting than I had imagined! Maybe it’s because we have such fun during class and still come out feeling like you learned loads but this was different, Tanya (our tutor) was grading us as an ITEC Examiner would grade us so it all felt very different.

I was holding off on this post until I got my results so keep reading and you’ll see them at the end!!

I arrived nice and early in the uniform ready to go (damn should have taken a picture of that!)
My model was arriving a short time later as we had our theory exam first. An ITEC theory exam consists of, 50 multiple choice questions including lighting, makeup, skin diseases and disorders, contraindications and much much more. In the real exam you are given one hour and Tanya advised us to take the hour to be sure of our answers. I took just over 35 mins to complete my mock exam and felt ok about the majority of the questions but there’s always those few that throw you.

Onto the practical then…. Dear jesus did I feel under pressure for this one! It was just like an audition I was all sweaty palms and heart racing, it was awful! Lucky for me, my model is Karen, the best girlfriend I have in the big smoke so she was more than willing to help me out.I had advised Karen on what to wear and how much makeup up have on because the last thing you want to do is set yourself up to fail!

You then set up your bed and table and wait to be told to start…. You have 10 mins to do a double cleanse and tone on the skin, a skin analysis using a funky lamp and then fill out your form. 10 mins is not long enough!!! You’re so conscious of the makeup on the face that I knew I was spending too long trying to get the makeup off. I had my lamp on the side of the bed ready to go for Tanya to come over (as she was at the bed beside me) but she walked away and called STOP!

WHAT????? I wasn’t finished!!

So basically I wasted the last full min of my exam thinking I had to wait when in fact I should have carried out my skin analysis myself , filled out my form and relaxed… so if I was nervous already I was now a wreck thinking how many marks I had lost for an incomplete stage.

There wasn't any time to worry about that though, next it was the day look, a full day look in 20 mins I’ll have you know!!
Our sequence is;
  • ·         Test 2 foundations
  • ·         Primer
  • ·         Corrector Creams
  • ·         Foundation
  • ·         Concealer
  • ·         Powder
  • ·         Shader
  • ·         Blush
  • ·         Highlight (I really must learn those 3 that could be wrong)
  • ·         Eyeshadow (3 colours)
  • ·         Eyeliner
  • ·         Mascara
  • ·         Lip pencil
  • ·         Lipstick

….. in 20 mins!!!!

By a miracle I managed to get every one of those products onto Karen’s face before Tanya called time but of course I made a big boo boo! As I was applying the eyeliner (which of course was Inglot Gel 77 which does not move) I managed to get a dot of it on Karen’s cheek. I actually think how it happened was, You cannot touch the skin for an ITEC exam with your hands/fingers so if you need to lean a hand along a client’s cheek, you must do so with a tissue. A dot of the eyeliner was on the tissue so when I touched it off Karen’s face, well you know what happened! So I very carefully stopped my liner application and taking a cotton bud went to twist of the liner from her cheek, I was telling Karen everything I was doing (letting the client be informed) and just as I went to redo a smidge of foundation, Tanya told me you are not to do touch ups until the end… she was right there!! Ugh so at this stage I’m sweating buckets! She calls time after the 20 mins and you could literally see the class deflate. I don't think any of us thought it was that intense but my god it is.

Tonight in college we went through some of the tips and tricks people fell at last week, I think we are all feeling slightly more confident but have agreed we need  much more practice.

So onto the results…

My theory exam which I thought went ok I got….92 out of 100 marks (Only 4 questions wrong BOOM!!!)

And the dreaded practical exam I got…. 86 out of 100 marks!

Delighted with the practical exam result, I lost marks for were not speaking loud enough to my client, not finishing my skin analysis and little marks here and there which I can totally build on so all good news!! 

Overall my result is 86.5 which is great but only 3 marks off getting a distinction so that's well in my sights now just need more practice!!!

So there you have it, exam week at Waverley! Our real exams take place the 16th and 19th of June so we still have some time left! I’ll be sad to leave the place, I love the class and really hope we get to have a big night out soon, the girls are mental!!!!

Stay tuned for more Waverley Wonders news next week!

Emma x

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  1. If anyone is looking for more study help for the ITEC make up exam, I created a nifty study guide myself! :) (Note this is not spam, I am a real person!!)

    1. Hi can you send me you mail I need help!

  2. If anyone is looking for more study help for the ITEC make up exam, I created a nifty study guide myself! :) (Note this is not spam, I am a real person!!)

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