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Hi All!!

So like many people these days, I am always weary of buying online as are many people these days, you can just never be too sure if what you're buying is exactly what you are going to get...

A few months back I had been searching online for some products I no longer had great access to since moving from Waterford and stumbled accross the website This is an Irish based company in Kildare and they are a beauty distributon company for gloMinerals and glo Theraputics. I like sourcing Irish companies because they are easy to get in touch with and never too far away if you need them. 

I had first heard of glo Minerals makeup from a salon I used to go to in Waterford called Glo Hair and Beauty. Danielle there always loved the glo Minerals makeup and I also still buy the pressed base in Honey Medium which I love.

I got in touch with Elena and we discussed reviewing some products for the company and I was delighted to receive three fab products a couple of weeks back.

So to start with we will look at the SkinCare product from Glo Therapeutics. I received the Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub. It retails on the site for €38.

"Removes dead skin cell build up and stimulates cell regeneration with granules and enyzmes that exfoliate without stress or irritation to the skin."

I have used this product a couple of times now and the first thing you notice is the scent, it is so lovely, a really fresh scent and it glides onto the face.

It feels grainy on the skin but is not abrasive at all

You apply it to a damp face, leave for 5-10 minutes and wash off. I have used lots of different cleaning products over the years and looking at the price tag you would think it's a bit much for a face wash but the way your skin feels afterwards is well worth it. My skin felt so fresh and clean, I was really happy with the results and I look forward to keeping up the routine of using this product and seeing great results. As with many of my posts, it is so important to take care of your skin rather than investing in makeup product after product trying to cover up your skin. Glo Therapeutics is a fantastic brand and leaves your skin feeling amazing.

Next up was a little treat I was well in need of. A duo concealer pot. 

"Includes treatment ingredients to help brighten and improve dark circles under eyes."

This retails at €28.40 on the site and comes with two under eye concealers (a light and darker shade) I have become quite a fan of the under eye concealers lately as I can see the benefit of using a lighter concealer on that area so you don't enhance any dark circles or bags you may have forming. If you apply a heavy product to that area you can in fact make the area look more tired and who needs that these days? We certainly want the brightest eyes possible. This little duo is perfect for the handbag and you can top yourself up all throughout the day without carrying around a heavy product. Be careful not to misplace this though, it went missing in my makeup kit for a few days!!

I am wearing tan so the darker colour actually blends perfectly

 I can safely say I left the best treat until last.... introducing the Glo Minerals Highlighter.

"Add a hint of radiant light with glominerals highlighter. Apply this pink luminizer anywhere you want a subtle, natural glo that can instantly brighten your complexion. The perfect finishing touch!"

This is just beautiful. It is a liquid highlighter like nothing I have seen before, it is more creamy than a tint and the last effect is brilliant, perfect for that summer glow or if you want to true shine bright on a night out. I fell in love with this product instantly and have worn it as often as possible lately.

The products when rubbed in leaves you with a beautiful pinky glow

Again with the other products, this is a small enough tube which is perfect for travelling with and from my recent studies into bridal makeup will be a welcome addition to my kit. I would only apply this product over a liquid foundation and barely set with a translucent powder. It can be difficult to apply a liquid highlighter over a powder product so please do consider this when applying your makeup. I really look forward to using this on both myself and clients over the coming months, I really do love this product as I was most impressed with the staying power on the skin, it didn't fade and I didn't need to reapply it throughout the day.

If any of you are So Sue Me fans (like me) you will have seen lately she posted a picture of a new foundation she is using, it's the Glo Minerals Luxe Foundation. She has recently uploaded a foundation tutorial video which I think is fantastic so be sure to check that out. Suzanne gave this foundation a great review and really likes the finish it gives her skin. They have a range of colours on the website and it currently retails at €39.99. This is gonna be huge and really hoping it will be in my kit soon too. This pic comes from the Skinlogic facebook page check it out here: 

                           Photo: A lot of people were asking me what foundation I was wearing today and here is the answer! GLO MINERALS, Luxe! Anyone a fan of Glo minerals? Review tomorrow on the blog! Sue x

When you go onto the skinlogic website you will see it is not only the Glo brand they stock but also have Tan Organic , 24k Gold Masks and Gellaq. 

If you would like to check out all what Skinlogic has to offer please check them out on;
Twitter: @_skinlogic 

Emma x

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