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Heya Beauties (yes that shall be the name from now on I think :) )

I, like many of my fellow bloggers love to get in on something we think could be huge so one Sunday night I was chilling at home watching Dragons Den when a lovely lady Celine appeared with her new skincare brand Nia (there is a fada over that 'i') 

I contacted Celine directly through Facebook as in recent months I have been on the hunt for some natural products to use on my body and face. I feel that the longer my love of makeup and false tan and false lashes and lets face it anything false that makes me look pretty, I am slowly slipping into terrible skin routines so I want to find products I will use and which will help my skin.

So introducing Nia... This is 100% natural, irish handmade beauty balm specialist!
There is no mineral oil, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrance, hidden alcohols or petroleum. I mean you don't get much fresher than that!!! I really like the tag line on the info pack Celine sent me it states;
" If it's not good enough to eat, it's not good enough for our balms"

Firstly I was sent a pot of the 'Firming Balm' the yellow label and this is made up of essential oils; Mandarin, orange, fat burning grapefruit, patchouli, bergamot and ginger. This product is for toning, firming, cellulite, stretch marks. There is a body balm and a firming scrub bar. This retails at €14.95.

I have been using my firming balm over the last two weeks and the first thing that hits you about the product is the beautiful smell! I love using this product after a hot shower when you skin is all clean and soft. The product itself looks mostly like a mousse and applies thickly so you need to give it a good rub in. I find that the product is quite oily so I do tend to use it as part of a pamper evening or even better still if I shower in the evening, lash it on, leave it soak into my skin and then I really feel the difference the next morning. It's not too easy to get your jeans on when you've applied this product but it's a real treat to the body, the oils are wonderful on the skin and you just feel so soft and smooth.

The second product I have tried is the Intensive Range. Again I was sent the Body Balm and I was blown away by the wonderful smells. The intensive range is made up of essential oils; Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, Frankincense, Sandalwood & Orange. This product is for dry/extra dry skin. I find that when using false tan I get get little dry patches especially on the backs of my arms and close to my elbows so again I have been soaking my lovely skin in this product after showers. You may think it's strange lashing on two products onto two different parts of your body but these products just smell so good you would literally cover yourself and sit there for the evening feeling clean and gorgeous. As with the other Nia product, it is a mouse like consistency, and the oils then sit on the skin. The intensive range comes in a Body Balm, a shower mousse, a body scrub, a body cream and a hand balm. This retails at €9.99 for the 150ml.

The third product I was sent was actually a few little samples of the Intensive Restoring Facial Moisturising Balm. Anyone who reads my blog will know I suffer from poor skin at times, actually most of the time but I am trying now to drink much more water and get on top of my skin once and for all. So this little miracle pot has been amazing. This is a blend of 100% natural butters, herbs, essential oils suited for the routine or intensive care of dry, sensitive and irritated skin. 

This product is used to treat:
Sunburn                     Sensitive Skin                  Psoriasis
Eczema                     Ageing Skin                     Irritation
Skin rashes                Dehydrated Skin              Dull Skin
Dry Patches               Prone to Allergies            Dermatitis

I love this little beauty. Again, an oily consistency when you apply it so maybe leave it until you have time to let it soak in, I like to apply it in the evenings and let it work its magic over the the night when I'm asleep. This retails at €19.95.

Nia has it's own website and the link is here.... 
It is full of great info, prices and you can even order trial sizes for €0.02 that's just fantastic!!!

Nia is also on social media such as:
Twitter:  @NiaHomeSpa 

I would highly recommend this range and wish Celia all the best with her venture.

Emma x

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