Thursday Tanning Series- Tan 1. BabyBBrowne


Hey ladies!!!

So as you had all seen last week I posted a question to you about which tan I should get for a wedding I have coming up at the end of the month. It led to a huge response so it got me thinking... why not try a tanning series on the blog?! Now if I had been really smart I would have started this back when the summer was starting but then I figured, I wear tan all year round especially for going out so stay with me for the next few months and I will be testing brand after brand and posting weekly (or bi-weekly depending how they last) my thoughts on the application, colour and wear off!

So first up is the *BabyBBrowne tan with huge thanks to the fab Lisa at PinkSugar Sparkle Store. She very kindly sent me a bottle to try so it became my 1st tested tan. You can purchase this tan from the website HERE for €19.95. I also have a competition ending tomorrow on my blog thanks again to Lisa so be sure to check it out HERE.

I have decided the easiest way to showcase each tan is of course with pictures so each post will be the same, the before pale picture, the picture after application and the picture after showing (unless instant).

Here is my arm before BabyBBrowne was applied;

Apologies the pic is so bad I will get better

Here is the pic once the tanning lotion had been applied:

So as you can see from the picture, you can see a slight colour already on the skin which I like because it helps see that you are not missing parts. The lotion has a good smell, I would only ever suggest putting on this tan with a mitt, the lotion is a dark brown chocolate colour but glides onto the skin very easily which again I liked. I hate destroying my sheets so I tried my best to stay up as late as my tired head would let me to leave it soak into the skin and then I hopped into bed. When I woke up the next morning, thankfully my sheets weren't too destroyed which is always a plus but I think for this tanning series I will need to invest in a tancosy or some protection for my poor bed!

I had left the tan on for at least 8 hours before showering and here is the final result:

Now this is what I was hoping for, the tan was a lovely golden colour, it was light enough not to be orange but dark enough to head out straight away. I think this tan is a real contender for the wedding I am attending as I am wearing a mint green dress so I don't want to be too dark. There was no bad after smell at all and I have to admit, with showering moisturising and now attempting to take it back off, the wearing of BabyBBrowne is quite good. The fading has been subtle and although I am yet to do a full body exfoliation, even normal showering is taking the tan off gently and evenly.

If you haven't tried BabyBBrowne this is now recommended by me for that light healthy glow. I'm sure if I had wanted it darker to apply a second layer would have taken beautifully but as I said I am looking for something slightly lighter so this gets the thumbs up!

I will admit the reason I don't have the 'leg' shot of this tan is I am currently having my re-growth for my leg wax before the wedding so I will have to alternate between arm and leg pictures while this is happening. I will try to take better pictures for you as the weeks go on, this was the first so bear with me please.

If you have any questions, please mail me @

Emma x

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  1. that looks lovely Emma nice and golden colour think ill have to get myself some of that tan x

    1. I have to say I was really impressed and I also liked the wear off, I had a little scrub a couple of days and it wasn't too bad coming off x