Tanning Series Week 3- Academie Bronz'Express (not for shaky hands)


So here we all beauty lovers at week 3 of the tanning series!

Some of you who have been following the series will have seen there was no post last Thursday, this was for two reasons; I ran out of time as my Mum and Dad arrived and we flew to London for the wedding of the century and also I had decided on the Karora tan featured in Week 2 to wear to the wedding so I didn't have a tan to show you.

However we are back in weekly tanning business and here we are with the very well known Bronz'Express tan. I was very kindly sent 3 products to try but for this post I will only be focusing on the lotion as this is what I have tested so far.

I have heard sooooo many good things about this tan, I didn't think I had ever used it before but then I remembered, one time in college (no not band camp) we were all headed on a night out and I attempted to use this tan and ruined a friends bedroom carpet! For those of you who haven't used the tan before, I am not an idiot, it is the one downfall to this beautiful tan and that is the application.

As with all tanning products I am using I had prepped my skin. So I have exfoliated and moisturised my skin in the previous few days and was ready to go with this new beauty. I was in the bathroom this time, which has a tiled floor and began to apply the tan. The tan you see although called a lotion is a total liquid, as fast flowing as water so if you are not ready, you can destroy your surroundings. I was using a clean mitt and I tried to tilt the bottle slightly and catch all the liquid onto the mitt. Another point to be very careful of with this tan and it's a plus is that a little liquid goes an awful long way so although my first arm application was a bit of a disaster, by the second arm I had learned how to tilt properly and manged to use only a little product out of the bottle to do a whole upper body.

If you are a tanning novice then I'm not too keen on this product for you but for the results I got, I may have my arm twisted. The colour of the tan is stunning. When I woke up in my Tan Cosy which was reviewed earlier on today, there wasn't much wear off on the bed at all. I took a shower and was left with this beautifully glowing colour. It looked very natural and was also slightly darker than I had expected. I would imagine for a night out I would probably add a second layer of this tan to get that real sunkissed dark tan look and I would say it will go on perfectly again.

The wear off from the tan was quite good, I am trying to maintain each tan in the same way so I can see if there is a 'bad' wear off but again for me the big test is always at the bend of the arm on the inside, I hate that awful diamond shape you get when tans are wearing off but again with the Bronz'Express it wore off lovely. I showered and moisturised daily so the tan faded gradually and I was able to move onto the next one without much effort.

I look forward to the tinted gel and will have a post on this in a few weeks as I have a number of brands to get through.

Here are some pics of the Bronz'Express on me...

Before I have the bare minimal left over (flash)

Tan has now been applied (without flash)

My beautiful tan the next morning after showering with and without flash

I do hope you enjoyed this post and as I said the only downfall to this tan can be the hard application as it is just such a liquid, but once you master that I can see why this tan has become so popular.

Stay tuned for another tanning review next Thursday ;)

Emma x

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