Step by Step to an Inglot Cranberry smokey eye!


Last week I had booked myself in for the Inglot Liffey Valley masterclass. I drove over after work, had a quick peek around and arrived at the Inglot stand with 5 mins to go. For the 1st time ever I happened to be the only one there, between traffic and the weather being nice again in Dublin, people were unable to make the class.

Fiona was the MUA in action on her workmate Fran and she was going to recreate one of the looks she had carried out on Suzanne Jackson (So Sue Me) over the weekend. I have dark hair and pale skin like Suzanne (but also wear tan) so I was looking forward to seeing these. I do have blue eyes but both the looks would suit my eye colour as they were orange and cranberry. Fiona asked which look I would rather see so I choose the cranberry as it was more night-time and I already own the cranberry shadow.

Picture from Fiona Hogan Makeup 

So here is the step by step guide including all products you need to create this look;

Begin with an eye base (naturally all products in this guide will be Inglot but you don’t have to have this brand to create this look exactly the same)

Next taking a matte white shadow (no.318) apply this all over the lid.

Using the 6SS brush (one of the ultimate fluffy brushes) apply your cranberry shadow (no.55) into the crease. Use circular motions to ensure you have no harsh lines around the crease.

Next taking the 13PS brush (short shadow brush), put the cranberry (no.55) under the lash line and bring the colour low under the lashes to really smoke out the look.

Using the 29PO (shadow brush) place more of the matte white (no. 318) on the lid again, you don’t want the cranberry on the lid, that’s being kept bright. Also apply some of the 318 under the brow to soften out any harsh line you may have created with the cranberry.

Onto the gel liner: Taking the no.77 gel liner (this is gold dust and a must have for liner lovers) and the 31T (angled liner brush) begin on the centre of the lid. Press the brush onto the lid and drag it outwards to create the line. Then place your brush back in the centre and drag inwards making sure to make your line thinner the closer you get to the inner eye. To get right into the inner corner, get your client to look down and out towards their ear. To create a simple flick, place the brush at the edge of the eye and look at the end of the brow, this is the angle the line should be. Life the lid a small bit with a clean finger and fill in the gaps in the flick. Also line the bottom water line nice and thin.

Now to really darken out the look, Fiona took the 10S (small blender) and a matte black shadow (no.63) and packed it onto the outer corner of the eye almost on top of the liner. You want to place the black almost one third of the way into the eye. Then taking the 6SS (magic blender) and holding up the lid a little, blend out the lines, you are not looking for the black to go everywhere, you want to keep it to the outer 1/3 of the eye.

Once you are happy with the black, go back in with the matte white and apply it to the inner lid and also under the brow. The white brings a fantastic brightness to the look.

Taking the small shader bush the 13PS black out the bottom lash line with the matte black (no.63) blend it right up the lash line and fill in any gaps the liner may have missed. You can now add a little more of the cranberry back under the lash line to blend it all out.


Mixing foundations is something I have seen a number of Inglot MUA's doing and it's not someting I do myself but will look into more in the future to get the exact shade and texture I want. So Fiona used YSM 49 and AMC lw200 on Fran for the look.

She applied this foundation with the Inglot flat foundation brush and left a gap under the eye area. This will be filled in with the under eye concealer and also be sure to get your foundation under the jawline.

The under eye concealer used for this look was no.91 using the 4SS (bigger buffing brush) under the eye and out onto the cheekbones.

Using the eye base brush and some concealer, you can clean up your flick so it looks sharp and clean. A small brush is perfect for this so take your time and you will be ok. 


No.43 HD Powder was applied to set the under eye concealer using the 4SS brush.
No. 55 AMC powder using the 15BJF brush was used to set the face.
No.63 AMC powder was used again with the 15BJF brush as the contour, this is applied into the hollow of the cheekbone, jawline and temple.

*After you have applied your contour and brightener onto the face, go back in with the no.55 to blend out any harsh lines.*

No.29 blush was then applied with the same 15BJF brush, applied to the apples of the cheek and brushed backwards towards the temple.

Using the no.84 shimmer brick and the 4SS brush, apply this highlighter to the top of the cheekbones and into a 'C' shape around the brow and also down the centre of the nose, chin and lip. Buff out any of the excess.

Touch Ups Eye:

If needed now is the time to apply some of the cranberry again under the lashes, using the 6SS to blend it out. 

To really brighten up the inner corner of the eye apply some of the no.395 into the tear duct.


Using the 17TL brush and the no.327 (brown) shadow, first draw your clean line under the brow, this will give you a good shape and then keeping the front of the brows nice and light, fill then in by flicking the brush through the hair as the natural hair grows.


You can use a very dark lip if desired for this look but Fiona chose to keep the lip neutral by applying no.60 lip paint.

I really hope you enjoyed this step by step to such an amazing look. I wanna thank Fiona and Fran for the lesson, they were both so lovely and helpful and I came away with so many new tips not to mention a few new treats for myself. I really do love the Inglot masterclasses, I find you just learn so much and all of the Inglot team are so helpful no matter what question you want to ask.

What I like most about this look is you only needed three eyeshadows;
A matte white
A cranberry
A matte black

(the cream shimmer highlight was optional)

Most people will come across these colours in their own makeup kit so you can all have a go at this look.

For anyone interested in the products check out Inglot-Make-Up-Ireland you can ring them and they will post out your order to you so don't fear if you don't live in Dublin or Limerick.

The brushes I would suggest an investment in would be;
The 4SS
The 6SS
The 15BJF
These three brushes will help you achieve a flawless face and a brilliant blend on your eyes.

If you have any questions please feel free to mail me through my Facebook page HERE

Be sure to check out both Fiona and Fran:

Facebook: Fiona Hogan Makeup
Instagram: fionahogan_

Emma x

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