Chic Treat Club... My 1st box!!


OMG ladies....

Now this is what I call a subscription box!! I know I know I was banging on about another brand being very disappointing of late but let me introduce you to an Irish company like no other, Chic Treat Club!!

I signed up for this beauty after reading through 6 months of happy customers (July is box 7) and for the rolling monthly fee of €16.95 I am so glad I did!!

As with most boxes to be fair the packaging is lovely so that's always a plus but for today my first instinct was the smell..... Yummy!!

I had been so excited for this box I hurried home from work and there it was in all it's glory waiting for me... Cue the squeak!!

So here's what we have:

Yon-ka Quintessence Scented Candle, This product was the first to jump out at me from the box. The smell was amazing! It's that smell you get from beauty salons that help you relax and unwind... Introducing Yon-ka Quintessence Scented Candle to you all. Not only did we get a beautiful candle which was lighting as I started this post but we also got two mini face treats from Yon-ka just in time for my trip to London this week Yay!! This candle retails at €10.50.

Neostrata Bionic Face Cream, now this beauty I have seen before as it lives in my bathroom at the moment. Perfect timing as my other tube is almost gone do this is another welcome addition to my night routine. I have been following Neostrata and I'm a currently linking in to find my perfect skin matching products so will keep you all posted on that! This face cream retails at €42.63 so this was an awesome gift!

Burts Bees Foot Cream, Can you believe that up until today there is not one Burts Bees product in my collection... Well now my foots are happy because they are about to treated with the lovely product. This beat retails at €14.95 for a 120gm tube.

I-Envy by Kiss Lashes, what girl doesn't like lashes.... Well some of you may not but I love these babies, I have used them before and will 'lash' them on any day now... Now tell me who doesn't love a dad joke!! Great product in the box big thumbs up from me. These retail at €3.99 and are available in Penneys

So with 4 great products so far could it be possible with a box worth almost €80 I was unhappy with something??...

Physicians Formula- A few months ago I attended a launch night of physicians formula so I have seen the brand and was delighted to see it in the box. You can read all about that night HERE  I read the little blurb in our box guide (which by the way is the best box magazine I have seen, with interviews and all) and I noticed it said, boxes would contain either a blusher or a bronzer. It stated that 'some of you will get the blush and some of you will get the bronzer, it's win win' but unfortunately for me I didn't receive either of the products mentioned in the guide book which was quite disappointing. I have been dying to try the blusher and although I do have one bronzer already from this brand, I really liked the look of the one featured. The product I received was the BB Powder. It is still valued at more than what the box is worth but to have two products featured in the guide book, you would expect to receive either of them and not something else. Physicians Formula is a fantastic brand for us ladies so get on it!! According to the guide book these retail from €17.90-€19.90.

So there you have it, my 1st Chic Treat Club Box and I am delighted! It was so worth investing in as you can for €16.95, I received almost €80 worth of products and that made me very happy. If you haven't seen Chic Treat Club before you can check out their website HERE

Emma x

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