Dream Dots for Spots... Are they?? (Warning this post contains yucky pics)


Hi All,

So this post I am going to point out is not for the faint hearted!!

I am 27 and I get spots!! Yep you heard me and worse still, I seem to be getting more and more of them as I keep changing my mind about face products and makeup and everything...

First thing you should know is.... water is good for you! I know right, I am the worst in the world for drinking enough water but I will promise to drink more after you all see my horrible skin!

So what are dream dots you ask??

Well according to the Dream Dots Website which you can click over to HERE they are;
"DreamDots are an emergency overnight spot treatment to help calm, clear and heal breakouts.

Apply DreamDots before you sleep, leave overnight and in the morning remove the DreamDot to see and feel the dramatic difference. Cleanse your skin and repeat the following night until you are satisfied that the pore has healed."

I was sent a box of Dream Dots a few weeks back and to be honest I forgot about them a little bit, my skin has been so bad lately that I couldn't use every dot in one go but one night last week, I have two horrible little fecks on my chin so thought 'right well if you're gonna work, work on these bad boys'.

So before bed, I cleansed my skin as always  and then popped on two dots. Now as you can see from my pictures, my chin was in a terrible way but I picked the two worst ones and covered them to test them out.

Nasty looking things aren't they? :(

The morning after I removed the dot and you can see there has in fact been a little change...

You can see they went down a little but still very red

I wasn't overly happy with this so I went again the following night so here is a picture from morning number 2....

After two nights I was really happy with how much they went down

To say I was impressed was an understatement! As I write this post now I have a new dot on as another spot has flared up but it is so handy to have them in the cabinet in the bathroom. I was really happy with how the dream dot helped my spots to disappear. I have read in other videos that these dots are not for acne and if you have experience of this and want to find an amazing girl to watch on Youtube, check out Melanie Murphy HERE I have learned so much from her and she too did a post on these Dream Dots.

You can purchase Dream Dots in many pharmacies for only €15 for 24 dots. It may sound like a lot to you but thin, if you need a fix then you'll have these in your press as I do and they'll help you out.

I do recommend these for any ladies like myself who just need a little help sometimes that makeup just wont fix!!

Emma x

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