Thursday Tanning Series Tan No.2 Karora Express Bronzing Mousse


Happy Thursday All :)

So this week in the tanning series I think I may have fallen in love.... I know, a bit soon but hey I'm an all in kinda girl haha!

The packaging on the Karora tanning range is sublime, purple and pink how could a girl not be attracted to it?! You can check them out on Facebook HERE.  I was so happy when my package arrives, not only did I receive the Express Bronzing Mousse Tan in Medium/Dark but also The Ultra Smooth Velour Mitt (which we need to talk about) and a 'Get Glo Fabulous' tester kit. This is so pretty, actually the whole range is pretty so I think that's what had me so drawn to it to try for week 2.

Karora is an Irish brand so of course that's a plus, I love home grown companies and often try to feature them. 
"This mousse is a new breed of luxury tanning mousse with a skincare status and a development time quicker than ever before where you decide your personalised shade of bronze (3 shades in one bottle) Get bronzed brilliance in a flash with this effortless velvety mousse which dries in seconds and develops in just one hour. The easy apply, One Hour express turnaround will leave the skin sun kissed with a golden hue post-rinse. Take the two hour option for a glamorous glow that has you red carpet ready or for a deeper intense colour, take the Three Hour option for a tan that's so natural it's easily credited to a week in the tropics."

I'm in cleaning mode in the apartment

So back to the tanning itself... I prepped my skin as always, exfoliating the night before, giving myself a good lashing of moisture in the run up days to try and ensure no patchy parts ( I really hate them but I am learning where they are on my body so trying to really take care of them) Anyway... I took out the new mitt, this mitt is amazing, when they say velour they are not lying, it is so super soft, honestly like no mitt I have had before and to be completely honest, I always thought mitts were the same, you know the sponge material and different brands just colour them differently so I would regularly buy the cheapest one available and lash them in the washing machine until I couldn't get the use out of them anymore. This mitt is very different, I was so protective over it, I could feel how soft it was so I knew it was one to mind.

Just realised the mitt itself is upside-down oops

I began applying the Express bronzing mousse in circular motions with the mitt to the top half of my body, again I am still mid leg waxing so this tan will only be featured on my top half but I am dying to do the 'leggy' tan picture soon. The tans smells delicious!! As tan goes, there is no toffee/coffee smell at all, it smells sweet and lovely so you just want to keep lashing it on. My only terrifying moment for me as a novice enough tanner is there isn't really a colour as you apply the tan, I don't like the real dirty looking development but it does help to ensure you are getting it everywhere. This of course can lead to the dreaded destroyed bed sheets but we'll cover that in another post! I think Karora have still managed to find the balance with this application and again it comes back to the mitt. Because the mitt is velour, you can really feel it sweeping over your body so I wasn't afraid anymore that I was missing any part of my body. I think in total I used about two pumps per arm and that was plenty so you don't need to overload the mitt.

The RRP for this tan is €29.99 per 150ml bottle and yes I know for some of you this will seem quite expensive and I always want to give an honest review so I will be frank if there is something I don't like. I cannot complain on the packaging, the scent as the tan was applied, the mitt is perfect and you don't need to use a lot of product so it's all thumbs up on that front, only bad point is a colour guide as you apply but again as I said the mitt pretty much took care of that panic. 

So onto the finished result, I went to bed a couple of hours after application, woke up the next morning and took a shower, the result was lovely and just what I am looking for, for this wedding I am attending soon. The medium/dark tan after one application on me left me with a flawlessly natural looking tan, not overly dark so again for you night owls who wanna glow, I would suggest a double layer. I don't know was it due to the small amount I applied on myself or was it the colour of the tan itself but I loved my result, even my family and friends commented that it looked so natural, there was no left over marks, no patchy parts and I felt a healthy tan rather than tangoed!! 

So this is my before, pasty arm pic...

Here is my arm the next morning before the shower...

Yep got my nails done late the evening before

Here is my post shower shots, my arm and my chest and yes I am wearing a bra top...

So as you can see from the after pictures, I am glowing and it looks beautiful and natural. The after smell is not as sweet as the application smell but still no way intolerable at all, it was pleasant. I used an oil free moisturiser to maintain the tan for as long as I could before needing to take it off for the next tanning series but overall I loved this tan. It is a luxury product, it's not an everyday tan for me but I will absolutely use it for occasions I have coming up and unless week three really knocks this one out of the park we may have our wedding winner. This tan looked so well on me that my mint green dress will be perfect!

Thank you so much to Karora for sending me these products, I am so impressed!

You can purchase Karora products ladies from; Llyods Pharmacy, McCabes Pharmacy and Sam McCauley chemists and from independent pharmacies nationwide. If you have any questions please email me on my Facebook page HERE Really hope you enjoyed week 2 of my tanning series.

Emma x

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