Thursday Tanning Series- Week 5 WOW Brown! Ready to Glo Dark


Morning beauties,

So here we are at week 5 and here is my first not so excellent tanning experience. I know, I bet you were all getting tired of ‘oh it’s wonderful’ but I have to say it seems as the weeks have gone on I am still awaiting the next time I can lash on my Karora Tan Mousse it’s still the current winner!

So this week was my first ‘dark’ tanning week, testing out the Wow Brown Ready to Glo Dark

That's all i used for my 1st half body application

Again as always I struggled a little to get my last tan off but I think I am now using a good scrub that I am getting there easier. It’s amazing you need to be so on top of your tanning regime to ensure you are getting the most out of your tan.I am exfoliating like a mad thing trying to get these tans off in time for the next week’s post, I will be happier when I am trying to maintain them longer but it’s good to know some are not just a one night wonder.

Onto this week’s tan. So Wow Brown sent me this little but mighty bottle in the shade dark. Wow Brown I had seen at the Beauty Show in March and I meant to go back and buy some but probably got distracted with more brushes and came away without it. Those shows are the death of me and I cannot wait for October to pick up loads more for my kit. So this little bottle you would think holds nothing but I do agree with WOW! The smallest amount is needed to cover your body. I used two sprays of the tan mist onto my mitt and it covered my entire arm. Another two sprays and my torso was covered so a serious thumbs up to Wow Brown for that!

Here is the bio from the folks at Wow Brown:

Created by the Queens of all things Wow and Brown, Fran & Don designed this tanning perfectly formulated liquid for gals who want the darkest shade of WOW.
Inspired by their famous professional salon formula this self-­‐tan version was specially condensed to give the most direct DHA (the ingredient that turns you brown) concentration and less cream.
 So don’t be fooled by its petite frame ... as this cleaver product gives you the darkest, deepest shade of Wow Brown over and over again ...7-­‐10 full bodies to be exact
Spray ready to glo onto a mitt and apply all over your body in circular movements, on your neck and shoulders as a quick fix, or as a stand-in for stockings when you're ready to glo.
Extra Bonus : this product is travel friendly!”

My mitt wasn’t in the best shape as it had just been through the machine so I do want to point that out as you’ll see my results were not as flawless as other tans. I applied the tan all over and another great point is the colour guide. I am a huge fan of a colour guide because we all know there is nothing worse than a patch of my milky white skin on show by accident.

Here is another great info sheet from Wow Brown which I think is very good to give to every customer:

I was home that day so went about my business taking it easy and trying not to get wet. The tan says it’ll develop over 5 hours or at least not to shower before 5 hours and the tan will last 3-10 days. Now that to me is a huge difference in the lasting time and if any of you know why please fill me in. I was doing ok but as we all need the loo during the day, I had to wash my hands a few times and my tan just disappeared! I was raging trying to replace it from the little splashes on the sink, I would advise you to put this tan on before bed, it’s just too hard to function during the day with it so that’s my first not so good point. The tan says it comes with a boyfriend friendly smell, which for me again is an odd thing to state, why not a nose friendly smell… do we all have to have boyfriends? Now I’m all for tag lines and I get it, you’re not meant to take these things quite so literal but I’m feeling for my girls today and a good scent or nose friendly smell will do the job for me just fine. By the way… it smells lovely!!

So my tips so far for the WOW Brown Ready to Glo are:

Use a decent mitt or I’ve read of people just using latex gloves to I am going to try this myself next time.

Put the tan on before bed and get your 5 hours development done.

If you need to do it in the day, avoid water!

Don’t go and get a boyfriend to wear this tan, it’s your nose that’ll be happy ;)

Eventually having topped myself up enough and leaving enough time, it was time to shower. There wasn’t a whole lot of run off which is again a good sign and the colour stayed vibrant on the skin. I am saying vibrant because this tan as it states is most definitely a dark tan. I think for me and the look I have been going for lately, this tan is too orange rather than bronze. I don’t know if it’s age of the lack of nightclubs I’ve seen lately but I don’t have the desire to be ultra dark. I have been enjoying a golden glow, a healthy lick of tan but… that’s just where I’m at now! Give me a girls night out that involves a dress and I am voting this the tan for the leg show! Tanning is always about personal preference so please remember this is only my view, tans will also look different on your skin to mine.

As you can see from the before and after there is a huge difference, I went for my tummy this time so you can see just how pale I really am and then an after shot of my arm and it looks fab!

With and without flash

Super tanned arms! (pic taken on my phone)
The wear off from this tan seemed more severe than usual but again I put this down to the darkness of the colour. I love Irish brands and I will always support them as much as I can on this blog. I think it is great that an Irish tanning company haven’t settled for the ‘light’ tan just because many of us are quite pale but I think for my until I have a girls night out, I wouldn’t use this particular tan as my day tan.  The scent is beautiful, the application is simple and the bottle will last you for ages that’s for sure!!

This Wow Brown Ready to Glo tan retails at €21.99 which you may feel is a little much for tan but it really will last you ages and hopefully some of you will enjoy being really dark and get the 10 days out of the tan. For me, I think I got about 3-4 days without the tan starting to come off. My hands didn’t look great after 4 days but with a really good scrub in a hot shower, it didn’t take too long to come off.

That’s all for this week, any questions please feel free to mail me! 

Emma x

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