New Do at Hessions Clontarf!


Hi All,

This will be a quick post about my trip to Hessions this morning in Clontarf. So the first thing I noticed about the salon is how busy it was, now I know many salons on a Saturday can be busy but WOW Hessions was super busy with so many stylist working at the same time. You can check out Hessions on Facebook HERE

The second thing I noticed was how beautiful the salon was, there was a fantastic Buff makeup display as you walk into the salon on the left hand side and a full range of products at the the window to the right hand side of the reception desk. I was given a very warm welcome a cup of tea to wait for my treatments to start. I also noticed a lovely Butter London display to my left and I must invest in this brand, all the colours looked so pretty.

Butter London and Buff Makeup Stands

So my first stylist was Jenny, who took me over to the basin to get my hair washed and treated. I didn't take my phone with me but you should see the basins. They have their own little section at the back of the salon, 4 basins in a row and your chair extends and also contains a massage treatment, I mean woohoo that was amazing! So myself and Jenny discussed the condition of my hair since the 'blonding' exercise and I told her all how my poor hair has been. My scalp has been drier than ever which really bugs me as I am not used to having this issue so we first used an exfoliating shampoo which works on my scalp. We then went for a nourishing shampoo to try and bring some of the moisture back into my hair. The treatment was applied with a lovely head massage and then my hair was wrapped in a heated towel and I was left to relax on my massage chair.

I was then taken to a lovely private station and there myself and Robbie discussed my hair. He had had a quick look at it before I went to the basin with Jenny and we decided to thin out my front and only take off what needed to be taken from the length. I had told Robbie about how I usually wear my hair to the 'middle split' but I am tired of that now so we decided a thinned out side fringe would help mix it up and keep my hair really soft. I was so strict that I did not want anything really off the length and Robbie was so nice to me he agreed to be very careful. We chatted as he worked and then he gave me a stunning curly blowdry, set by some GHD curls and set me off with some lovely smelling texture spray.

Not my best pictures but you can see how pretty the finish is

I really enjoyed my time at Hessions this morning, I am so happy to have won the competition as I learned so much about what my hair needs at the moment since all the bleach and heat that have been on my hair lately. I treated myself to the exfoliating shampoo which had 20% off for today so that was an extra little treat!

I just wanna say thanks to all at Hessions Clontarf for such a wonderful time this morning. Be sure to pop by either of the Hession salons in Clontarf and Drumcondra. You can also check out their website @ 

Emma x

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