An Evening at Urban Decay Blackrock (including step by step)


Hi Beauties,

So a few weeks ago I got a lovely email from Doireann who works in Urban Decay Blackrock. Urban Decay is housed in Debenhams and I had previously met Doireann and Meg at a Debenhams beauty event and I thought their service was just fantastic so I blogged about it and you can read all about it HERE. Doireann had emailed me to invite me for a free MasterClass hosted by herself and Meg showing the ranges products and how to create two flawless looks, one for day and one for night so of course I wanted to attend!!

Everything in Urban Decay is beautiful.

So I met with the lovely Elaine from Ruby Laine whom you can check out HERE. We had a quick look around some products I have on my wishlist and then we took front row seats for the class. I didn't want to be all creepy and ask Doireann and Meg to pose for pics but you should see these girls they are truly beautiful and I love when I see an MUA with good makeup on it's always proof of their ability.The two stunning models for the MasterClass were identical twins Caoimhe and Saidhbh who happen to be Doireanns younger sisters. This was a brilliant idea for the class as we could see just how two looks will look on a person.

During the class the girls took time to do their looks in stages, they each did the base (the face) then the eyes and then the lips, this was a great way of hosting the class as they kept you interested the entire way and it broke up some of the note taking I was doing so that was a great idea. 

So onto the looks, I am going to do the day look first and then the night look. Hopefully some of you will have some of the products already and will pick up a few tips. I do apologise if I don't have some of the products names I was so engrossed in the looks I forgot my notes at time haha!!

Doireann created a very pretty look on her little sister Caoimhe.

First up was the Vitamin B6 Spray- this helps to reduce redness, take care of excess oil and minimise pores.
Next was the Illuminating BB cream, this is a 3in1 product, it acts as a moisturiser, primer and SPF.
Doireann buffed on the BB cream with the Optical Blurring Brush and then moved onto the Naked Skin Foundation in 3.5 (the same shade as me) This foundation is lightweight but also has build able coverage so I do find for my heavier looks, I do use a lot more foundation than usual. Doireann suggested buffing on the foundation from the centre of the face and work your way out. 
To set the foundation, Doireann used the loose powder, this contains water particles that keep you skin hydrated throughout the day.
One thing I do like about Urban Decay are the palettes, they contain a contour a blush and a highlight so for this day look Doireann chose the Native palette for Caoimhe.
For all three products, Doireann used the angled brush from the range.

The Naked 2 palette was used for the day look and just two colours were needed.
Firstly apply your lighter colour (which I think was bootycall although I forgot to write it down) all over the lid to brighten the eye.
Next tease was used in the crease to blend out the any harsh lines, tease was also used under the lash line to connect the look.
next Doireann took a brown 24/7 liner pencil and applied this close to the lash line and smudged it out under the eye. It was a subtle look but it still made the eyes so bright and big looking.
Up next was the product I had been waiting for, the new Perversion mascara, it is so black and makes the lashes look fantastic!!
Using the brow kit, Doireann took a tiny amount of product and fanned it through Caoimhe's brows just to give them a little shape.

For this look to keep it simple, Doireann used a 24/7 Nake Lip pencil followed by a Naked Lipgloss.

Caoimhe looked so fresh and beautiful,its a look that would suit everyone.

Night Look Face:
Again Meg started with the B6 spray on Saidhbh.
For the night look, Meg used the primer potion for this look. I think for my skin, I would need the pore perfecting primer which can help close open pores.
Again the twins have the same colouring so it was the Naked foundation in 3.5 was used on Saidhbh.
For the contour and highlight, Meg used the 24/7 concealer pens in two shades lighter and darker than the foundation. You will need to do them one at a time as they can set quick quickly. Buff them in with the UD blender brush and be sure to apply them just where you want them on the face.
For night look, Meg used the pressed powder from the Naked collection to set the foundation this time, this was patted onto the skin with a blusher brush.
The flushed palette was used for the contour, highlight and blusher with the new double ended brush. (this is now on my wishlist)

For the night time shadow look, you first need to prep the eyes and for this Meg used the eye primer. The next primer I want to get is the 'sin' primer this has the gold tones in it to bring out the gold tones in shadows.
From the Naked 2 palette, blend Tease into the crease with the crease brush. You want to place tease in a 'c' shape at the edge of the eye . A good way to measure shadow is place a brush from your waterline to the brow and this is only as far as shadow should come outwards from the eye.

Next, Meg took the purple from the Electric palette, and set it with the setting spray (this was something I hadn't seen before)
This will create a paste for the shadow and you will pat it onto the lid, it intensifies the colour and makes it really packed onto the lid. I don't have the electric palette but wow that purple was beautiful on Saidhbh.
To blend out such a strong colour, take tease onto the blending brush and be sure the colour is softly blended. 
Blackout from Naked 2 was added to the outer crease and also on the under eye getting narrower as you get close to the inner eye.
Highlighter was then added to the brow bone and tear duct.
Matte liner pencil was added to the bottom waterline while liquid liner was added to the top. This really smoked out the look and it brought so much drama to Saidhbh's eyes.
The brow kit was then used to really define the brows as with such a strong eye look you want to be sure your brows are fully filled in and shape your eyes properly.
Again we went back in with the Perversion mascara but before that for this look, Meg applied subversion, the new lash primer onto the lashes and my god the finish result was fantastic, you might not even need false lashes.

Another great product range from 24/7 line is that Urban Decay launched liners which match their lipstick counterparts so for Saidhbh's look, Meg used the Obsessed liner and lipstick.

I absolutely loved this look and it is deffo something I would look to wear on myself on a night out. I like to be adventurous with colours and the electric palette will suit that to a tee. 


All in all I had a fantastic time with the ladies in Urban Decay Blackrock, as with my last visit I find Meg and Doireann so friendly and approachable I will always have UD Blackrock as my stockist. After the MasterClass I was treated to the cutest little princess party bag just like I had when I was 6 but it's me all over 27 and a pink princess. In the bag was a fab voucher for a half price makeover and lipstick voucher, sample perfumes from Debenhams but wait for it.... A small sample of the Perversion mascara ahhhhhhh!!! 

The girls had completely sold the new mascara to me that even though it is not launched until later in the week I signed up for her fab offer they had on the night, I paid a small €5 deposit and once the new mascara is launched I will be getting a gift set of the mascara and the new conditioning treatment for only €21! This is a great saving as a separate products the conditioner is €18 and the mascara is €20 so I will pop out to the girls when I hear from them. I also have an engagement party coming up in August (nope not mine) so I am going to book myself in for the makeover with the girls and I will be sure to post my time spent there again.

Really hope you enjoyed this post and if you are around the Blackrock Debenhams be sure to pop by and say hi to Meg and Doireann! 

Emma x 

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