W7 Skincare... Your chance to review products for me?!


Hello Beauties,

So this is a little out of the ordinary for me but I want to take this opportunity to give one of you the chance to see what it's like to write reviews like us bloggers!

Last week I was sent 4 skincare products from W7 cosmetics and through no other reason than my personal journey to find suitable skin care for my own face, I cannot use these products but I really don't want to see them go to waste. 

I have opened them, tested them on the back of my hand and had a right good sniff of them and from all those appearances they seem lovely but I have been suffering so long with my own skin, after going for micro-dermabrasion and getting a full skin consultation, I now have my own range sorted and I just don't want to chance breaking my new routine when I am FINALLY starting to see my skin clear up a little.

So what's included in this bundle??

 Dream Clean- Face Cleanser

 Wakey Wakey- Day Cream

 Eye Love It- Eye Cream

Love Your Hands- Hand Cream

So what's the criteria??

  • Well it's pretty simple, comment under this blog post why you would like to write the review of these products.
  • I will pick someone this day next week Wednesday 3rd of September and post the products to you. (ROI only)
  • Because it is skincare you can take up to two weeks to write your review and then email it to me @ emma_sheehan1@hotmail.com
  • The review needs to include pictures, how you used the products, what did you like/dislike about them and if you would recommend them to others. 
  • I will then post your review on the blog giving you full credit and voila you've now started to blog haha :) 

So if this is something you'd like to be involved in, get entering and I really look forward to choosing a winner.

Emma x

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  2. I'm up for it! I'm looking for a new skin & eye cream so I'd be willing to try & review them for you.:) If they get rid of my designer bags, all the better! x

  3. Hello, I've been a blogger for about a year now, it's usually mommy/baby sort of stuff but I've also done monthly favourite and reviews. I would look to push my blog further and would love to take this opportunity. My blog is aislingfaulkner.blogspot.ie if you would like to have a look. And my email is afaulkner1991@gmail.com

  4. Wakey wakey? Yes please. My adorable 18 month old keeps me awake most nights so the bags under my tired eyes are in need of some work. My bedtime routine has been neglected so I really need to start cleansing and moisturizing every night again. And my hands? Dry, cracked cuticles, too much washing up. Be warned though, my 2 little ladies love 'lotion' so you might get their opinions too :)

    1. I just posted as anonymous above, I'm gkeany@Gmail.com. Grainne Tanner. Thanks x

  5. Hello!
    I've got problematic skin, dry/oily combination and I'm breaking out - which never happened to me before. I'm still searching for the perfect face routine - wash, moisturise (particularly before applying makeup so it doesn't dry out or completely dissolve!) and I've never tried eye creams before, however, I have noticed little fine lines in my inner and outer corners which are only magnified with foundation (I'm only 22, help!) I also have dermatitis on my hands. Basically, blisters cover my palms (gross, I know) and when they pop, the dry skin is dreadful.. it actually makes me well up when I look at it as I have a thing about my hands looking good. Basically, if I were to test and give a review on these products, it would be a serious 'stress-test' of them as my skin is so problematic.

    I've also done one or two reviews on my own blog (junior blogger over here!) if you'd like to have a gander.
    xoxo Amy

  6. This is a great opportunity Emma and I would love the chance to review these products. I have mild acne and after the stress of my Leaving Cert exams my skin is in dire need of some TLC! I am searching for a good skin care routine that will work for me and so I would love to try these W7 products. (I have some beauty products from W7 and I really love them). I enjoy writing and was talented at English in school. I have been thinking about entering the beauty blogging world for a while now and this would be the perfect taster for me! I also don't start college for another few weeks so would have plenty of time to devote to my skin and the review. Keep up the great work Emma, love your blog :) sadhbhdunne@hotmail.com

  7. Hi Emma, I would love the opportunity to help you write a review on the W7 skin care products. I am new to the beauty industry, just recently qualifying in makeup artisty. For the last few months I have been indecisive about starting up my own blog and basically just haven't had the confidence to get started. I think something like this would be great experience for me :-) As for my own skin, well I suffer from oily, problematic skin and have tried and tested every lotion and potion! I'm yet to also find a good eye cream especially for my dreaded under eye baggage!
    It's a lovely idea giving one of your readers this opportunity and other bloggers should follow your lead ♥
    My email is lynch.natasha@gmail.com

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