Thursday Tanning Series- Week 7 Vita Liberata Phenomenal Medium


Happy Thursday All!!

I don’t know about you, but I am delighted it’s Thursday as for me its… PAYDAY!! 5 long weeks have passed and I can now afford my bills again, although I now have to save for my trip to London to visit my little sister but it’s not a shopping trip so need to very good.
Anyway back to our bronzing business… I had left this tan on the shelf until I had another special occasion so I was really excited to try it as I see the brand Vita Liberata coming up everywhere.

The lovely Aideen sent me the Phenomenal Mousse Tan in medium to try along with a lovely mitt. I have to say getting the mitt with the tan has just been magic so I can see how much product stays on the mitt as well as making sure I get a clean application. You can check out the entire Vita Liberata range on Facebook HERE and the website HERE.
So what is the Phenomenal Tan all about…

“For the longest lasting, super fast drying natural tan result - perfect for normal, combination and oily skin types.
  • Lasts up to 4 times longer than regular tans
  • Incredibly easy to apply even for the novice tanner
  • Super fast drying so you can redress immediately
  • Contains Odour Remove™ for zero smell
  • Certified organic botanicals and Moisture Lock™ guarantee a perfect fade back to nothing” (
This tan is a whopping €46.50 to buy off the Vita Liberata website so let’s see how I got on…
Ok so I had a family event on Saturday last so I began my tanning applications on Friday. I had exfoliated during the week, getting all my old tan off, kept my skin nice and moisturised so I felt I was all prepped for this tan.

The mousse has a beautiful guide colour application so as always I loved this so I could make sure I was all covered. I went for a full body tan and used about 2 pumps for each arm/shoulder area. I used 3 pumps to get my legs covered and I think my mum used two pumps to get my back covered.

Here are my pale legs, tanned legs and tanned arm...

When they say the tan is odourless they are absolutely telling the truth, no coffee or toffee smell off me, I woke up and had a lovely glow on my skin.  I had read on my tan box that for a darker tan you can apply up to three layers, showering between and I thought this was a little strange but here is where my tanning story takes a turn.
I like an eegit, booked myself in for a facial Saturday morning, I was a fabulous golden bronze and loving my colour, when I forgot I was getting a should, neck and chest massage as part of my facial, all my lovely tan mixed with the massage oil and came off so I was in an absolute panic showering and trying to fix it before the party. Lucky for me and thanks to Vita Liberata for making such a wonderful tan, after my shower I applied another layer and by that evening, I had a stunning colour which so many of the family commented on.
Here is a pic of me all done up for the party and you can see I am literally a bronzed goddess (even if I do say so myself)

I really don’t have any bad points about the tan, I loved it so much, the non-smell, the colour guide, the results and the wear off has been fantastic!!!

I think I just learned from this experience that if you get a tan in medium and are quite on the pale side like me, you cannot expect to be as dark as you would with a darker tan. Now many of you reading this will think, DUH Emma, but seriously I wanted to wait and use this tan for a special occasion as it was one of the most expensive tans I was sent, I wanted a real treat and that is what I got but because my dress was a light colour I wanted to be really dark and I ended up using three layers of the tan (a lot of product) just to achieve that look.

With one layer, I lost my pale look and was really happy if it was for a daytime kind of tan but I still felt too pale to go to the party. As the tan is so expensive, please be careful when you buy a shade, if you want a darker tan, use a dark colour, if you want a soft glow… match to your skin tone naturally. The next tan from Vita Liberata which I hope to try and have seen everywhere is the Naked Collection Mousse in Dark. I think this could be a go to for winter nights out for me, I have read fab reviews and I think if the Phenomenal is anything to go by, it will be fantastic.

I know people ask questions about tans for weddings and I would absolutely recommend the Phenomenal in Medium if you have my colour skin. I had a pink dress on with white undies and I had no run off from the tan. I moisturised every day after my showers and the tan has faded gradually, no dirty marks on my hands/elbows. I have slowly gone back to my pasty white self since the weekend and that is such a welcomed feature for me as I have struggled to get some tans off me.

This is absolutely a luxury product but for me one I would give the thumbs up to and recommend to my readers. Budget products are of course a main feature of my blog but I think sometimes with an occasion very important to you it’s a very wise decision to invest in a product you feel safe and comfortable with and sometimes with tan, less is actually more we don't want to be orange (well I don't) but I love a good bronzing!

Be sure to check out the Vita Liberata website for all the information on the tan range and also a list of stockists. I think it is fantastic they have small videos about the tan and I also noticed today on the facebook page as it's pay day they have 30% off tans, who doesn't love a discount!!

If you have any questions, as always feel free to mail me through my Facebook Blog page HERE 

Emma x

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