Thursday Tanning Series Week 6- Cocoa Brown Night&Day


Hey Ladies,

Sorry that this post is so late in the day, as most of my followers will know I have been quite ill this week, I have been off work this week and all so I have to say blogging is just not on my mind it's mostly sleeping for me these days.

But nevertheless, last week I did test out the next tan in the series and this was the Cocoa Brown Night&Day Tan. I am a huge fan of Cocoa Brown and this product, the Night&Day was the only one I was yet to try so thank you to Cocoa Brown for sending over a bottle to road test!

The concept of the Night&Day tan is to apply it like an instant tan when you are heading out and you get an instant bronzed look, shower in the morning and you are left with a soft tan then that will wear off easily.

I was heading to the launch of the Irish Blog Awards 2014 and of course hadn't put any tan on so it was the perfect time to try out the CB N&D (all about making life easy these days) The colour really was instant and I loved it. Be very careful as you apply the tan, I had my tan *finsished* and then noticed a huge patch I had left out. I let myself dry for about 10-15 mins and then got dressed and there was no transfer onto my clothes. When I got home, I wore my tan cosy to bed and I did have a good bit of tan on that in the morning so do be careful if you like clean sheets.

The very big patch that I missed & the finished instant result

I had my shower in the morning and I thought the colour that was left on my skin was OK, I thought maybe it would have been a little darker but it was a high expectation as the other colour had been that beautiful bronze. Unfortunately for me, by shower no.2 I think the tan was nearly all gone. For some of you, you might see this as a negative but I have to be honest, for me that's really handy! One of the hardest things about wearing so many different tanning brands, has been trying to get them off in time to try another one. The CB N&D will come in extremely handy for me if I just need a quite fix night out or if I want to wear certain colours, they can make me look extremely washy when I have no tan on. 

Almost all gone after shower no.2

As I said earlier, I have been a huge CB tan fan for ages and if there is any of you reading this that have't tried Cocoa Brown as a range GET ON IT!!! A fantastic Irish company with superb value, you'd be very silly girls not to have a can of this beauty in your collection.

Cocoa Brown can be found everywhere and a very handy place to get your hands on is Pennyes.
All contacts for Cocoa Brown are:
Twitter: @CocoaBrownTan
Instagram: Cocoa Brown Tan

Emma x

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