My time @ the Inglot Advance Makeup Course Blanchardstown


Hey Beauty Lovers,

So if you have been following the blog for long then you know I am always on the hunt for lessons/opportunities to learn new skills from amazing artists mostly in Dublin now since I moved up. Funds can get in the way as I would attend weekly masterclasses and lesson if I could but I have been so lucky recently to avail of a spot on the Inglot Makeup Ireland Advanced Makeup Course in Blanchardtown.

I hadn’t been out to the new Blanch store since the revamp as I was in college in Waverley the night the girls opened the door so I thought the place looked fantastic when I arrived on the 1st night of the advanced course. I was greeted by manager Laura and Karen an MUA I hadn’t met before. I have already completed the intermediate course in Blanchardstown with Laura, Maria and Julie in January and I absolutely loved it. I frequently go to free masterclasses any chance I get, I am a huge Inlgot fan and my collection is always increasing especially now that I have my pro card whoop whoop!!

I didn't have a huge amount of info on what the course would contain but I was really excited to get started with new looks and skills. Laura began to tell us what the three weeks of the course would entail, we would create a very dark smokey eye on night one, we would play with disconnected liner on night two and we would look at cream contouring and a trend look on night three. I like how the Inglot courses are only three weeks as it can be hard for people to commit to more than that. Each course costs €199 and you are entitled to 20% off each week of the course while there. I have also just seen this morning that the One day Makeup Course is coming back in September to the pro store on St Anne Street for only €120 from 12-6pm.

So onto what I made of the course… well I loved it but I won’t lie, I felt a little out of my depth some nights especially with the liner on week 2. There were only three students in my class and two staff members so on the 1st night, Laura created the smokey eye on Karen and then she had to remove one of the eye looks so I could attempt to do the 2nd eye. On week two, Laura wasn't available so Melissa took the class with Karen and for the liner, I tried to do the cut crease, disconnected liner on myself and honestly…. I was a disaster. I think like anyone, it takes time to find a good mirror in your house, good lighting and a good position for yourself to be in to carry out certain tasks. I have recently discovered in my new apartment, my bathroom lighting is terrible; I put on foundation some mornings thinking I’m beautiful and flawless, walk into my living room and realise it’s patchy and streaky so lights can be very deceiving.

Week one I quite enjoyed, it was nice to be able to work on Karen and have her take me through the look nice and slow making sure I had each step correct. Karen commented that my blending was good which is great because we all know blending is the key to a good eye look. I struggle at times working on others faces but I think in time that will come to me especially if I try to move into the makeup world as a profession. The black smokey eye was stunning on Karen's porcelain skin and I was so happy to see that many of the colours and tools we used, I already have in my kit.

This is the eye created by Laura and then one created by me on Karen

Week two was my biggest struggle. Trying to do the liner on myself was just too difficult and I have been spending time trying to recreate the look at home, looking down in a mirror as opposed to up to really get a look angle on my eye. Disconnected liner is not something that is asked for all the time when people come in to get their makeup done. It’s more of a high fashion type of eye but with the black and white cut crease, I actually thought it was beautiful and I think if I was heading on a mad girly night out, I would love that kind of look. I am getting so brave with my makeup but mostly when a pro from Inglot makes me look fabulous. I love colours and my next purchases will absolutely include coloured gel liners which are €15 in Inglot and look so stunning when used with their classic black no.77. There is no other gel liner like it so be sure to get yourself some if you haven’t already.

Melissa working on Karen & terrible pic of me but it's for the liner ;)
I think week three was my favourite week; it was so good to learn from Laura and Karen just what cream contour products to use. According to the ladies, a person with drier skin can use the concealer pots Inglot stock but if you have oilier skin, they suggested using their cream to powder foundations. These are definitely something I plan to invest in as I do like a cream contour look and the tips I picked up on week three of how best to apply the product, taking time blending till the cows come home really helped.

My lovely work station and the liner still driving me mad but check out the orange!

What I also liked about week three is that the content is always changing, when the girls say a ‘trend’ look naturally this can change with the time of year so its great experience to use something you might not always use which is exactly what we did, we created looks using metallic pigments. I chose orange for my skin as I have blue eyes and had great fun using something so different.

I want to thank Laura, Karen and Melissa for their brilliant training and of course to Jane for giving me the place on the course. I will absolutely keep practising all the skills I used over the three weeks; I feel that for me personally the course may have been a little too advanced. I think if you consider doing the advanced course, be comfortable with your own face or have experience working on others faces.  It’s not that anyone who is not an MUA shouldn't do the course it’s completely based on your own skill levels but I think for me it was good to test myself and see where I’m at and now I know I have some work to do before I can move into the makeup world officially.

I also have big news… I have my first two brides in for next year. This is gonna be a huge experience opportunity for me so I have already arranged with Laura that I will bring my best friend Evelyn to Inglot in Blanchardstown and we will do a bridal lesson there with Evelyn as my model so I will now how to create an absolutely flawless look on her, on her big day. I will of course be documenting all I learn there and as always posting on any of the amazing masterclasses I attend.

More great news for all Inglot lovers who don’t happen to live in Dublin or Limerick is that Inglot are going online soon. That’s right, they are finally setting up an online store website so no matter where you live in Ireland you can buy some of the wonderful products every makeup lover needs such as the 4SS and 6SS brush.

If there any questions you would like to ask me on this post please feel free to mail me on Facebook and I will leave all links to Inglot below.

Inglot Make Up Ireland:
Twitter: @inglotireland 
Instagram: @inglotireland

You can find so many of the wonder Inglot artists on Facebook and Instagram these days but sure to find them. They're are so many I love to follow so I won't name them all out but big hello to all the girls in Blanch I had a fab time xx

Emma x

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