Elaine's Beauty- A little treat just for me!


Good morning Beauties,

Last Saturday I went to Elaine’s Beauty, a salon close to where I live to get my nails done. A few months back when I was feeling quite sick, Elaine very kindly sent me a voucher to come and get my nails done as well as some Dermalogica samples. It was such a lovely treat, it really helped make me feel better.

I have super busy lately that even my nails were getting rejected which is totally unlike me so with a free Saturday morning, I got in touch with Elaine and booked myself in. Her address is super easy to find, so close to the main road that there was no traffic at all and easy parking right outside.
The salon is purpose built next to her mum’s house and has everything you need it in. Elaine uses top brands such as Waxperts for Waxing, Dermalogica for Skin (which she is trained as an expert in) and then CND Shellac for Nails.

I was really excited to get my nails done. We had moved office in work during the week so I was lifting boxes and pulling and dragging that some of my nails broke and some of the polish had come off so I broke it off (For anyone who uses Shellac or Gelish, don’t do this it ruins your nails!!) I am usually so good with my nails but it was an extremely stressful week and I didn’t have a file on hand.

Anyway…after removing the old polish and fixing the shape we were ready to pick a colour. OMG Elaine knows her artwork!! There is a massive and I mean massive range of colours available to you in Elaine’s. She has almost every single colour available apart from 3 she thinks so I have never seen so many reds in all my life! I had seen a picture online of a colour I loved and when I saw it in real life, it was beautiful but it was pink and I was just having pink taken off so I decided on a new purple colour instead, this is the unbelieveable Wisteria Haze. As with all my nail applications, I couldn't have just one colour so I went with a glitter on my ring finger as well.

Here are my beautiful nails….

I am so happy with them, I should get at least the two weeks out of my nails and I feel now that they are slightly shorter and all the moving is done, they should stay lovely and pretty. One tip Elaine did give me about the condition of my nails was to ensure that I use cuticle oil each night. I have a bottle of the CND oil from ages ago in the bedside locker so I now need to add that into my routine and keep at it so my hands and nails are in the best shape possible. I will certainly try my best as she could see my nails were dehydrated so time to look after my babies.

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