Vichy Purete Thermale Cleansing Range- Have I liked the new products?


Hi Everyone,

For today's post I am talking about Vichy. Vichy is a hugely well known brand that I'm sure many of you have tried but these are two new products that I was sent to try. I am all for pre-cleansing, I think it's such an important part of removing your makeup properly. I have tried a pre-cleanse from Dermalogica and I really liked it but to be fair it's super expensive so I am delighted to see Vichy bring our their new beautifying cleansing micellar oil as a brilliant rival.

This non-greasy oil is the perfect product for pleasurable make-up removal, while cleansing the skin to remove impurities, excess sebum and dead cells. Suitable for both dry and oily skin types, the formula works to remove even tough waterproof make-up, transforming into milk on contact with water. Formulated with Camelia Oil and Vitamin E, skin will be left soothed, soft and deeply hydrated." (press release)
So I have been using this cleansing oil for at least 3 weeks now, I have been using it most nights when I have been wearing makeup during the day. I really like it! Genuinely I think for my heavy makeup days this is exactly what I need, it's a super price at only €16.50 and it really does remove about 80% of my makeup from just one use. I use this as I said as the first part of my cleaning routine. I then go on to use my cleanser, toner and night moisturiser/serum as needed but this is going nowhere from my skin routine. It's really gentle on my skin, I'm not having any type of reaction or redness/soreness which is a big plus as sometimes I go too heavy handed with products and end up hurting my face. 

One Step Cleansing Micellar Solution RRP € 
"Ultra-gentle, refreshing cleansing solution to purify skin, remove make-up and soothe irritation. With unique micellar technology to effectively remove impurities." (
I am loving this product. Unlike the cleansing oil, I tend to use this in the mornings or in the evenings when I haven't used much makeup. I think this is a great micellar water again super gentle, really helps to get rid of the daily dirt and grime that may land on your face throughout the day. I have tried this with stronger makeup such a eye liner and the likes but for me that's a job for the oil. I think the Micellar solution is a good pre-cleanse again but deffo for the day time when it comes to my makeup.
If you are into makeup or just want to add that extra step of cleansing to your routine then please do try out the new Vichy Purete Thermale Cleansing range from your local stockist.

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