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Hiya Everyone,

Firstly I must apologise I meant to have this post up ages ago, between one thing and another it went on the back burner but this is an interesting one so hopefully you enjoy it. I was emailed by Derek from Waverley a few weeks back about attending a night in Waverley to showcase Motives, an american makeup brand which is now being brought into Ireland. The gist of Motives is quite similar to Avon, you can become your own seller and create a team of people helping to spread the word on Motives and get the products into Ireland. There is a huge social media following of Motives and from seeing their Instagram account, it always looks like flawless makeup and good quality products.

This was the info leaflet about the event

So Motives is a brand I've seen a lot on Instagram but before the event, I didn't know much more about them. They're an american makeup brand who seem to have big fans in the Kardashians. Turns out the owner of the company, Loren Ridinger has also worked with her friend LaLa to create different ranges for different ladies and are great friends with the Kardashian sisters and JLO also. 

"Motives is about creating customizable cosmetic lines, which complements every age, skin tone and skin type. They have perfect formulas for foolproof application, fully pigmented products for photoshoots and fashion shows." (motives slideshow)

The night that was held by Debbie from Decadent Beauty (Make Up Artist & Motives Unfranchise Owner) and Karen Bowers from At Home Pampering (Freelance Beauty and Make Up Services) in Waverley Academy where I trained to become a Make Up Artist. Both Debbie and Karen are pas students of Waverley also. Be sure to check out their Facebook page to keep up to date with all new courses and offers. You can find them on Facebook HERE

The night was very enjoyable, while Debbie talked us through the brand of motives and how they work with representatives, Karen asked for a volunteer and completed a full face of makeup using all Motives products. After the presentation we were invited up to look at the products, go swatch mad and see what we liked. There's certainly a few I do like I'm always just a little funny about buying things online, they are ok price wise but to be fair the bottles are huge so I do think they'll last you ages. Deffo check them out online anyway and if there's one product I'd love to try it's the setting spray!

Just some of the products available on the evening

There's an opportunity for people to get involved with Motives here in Ireland. Debbie and Karen are looking for people to sign up to their team and join in the Motives movement. For me, it is not something I would have the time for. Between my full time job and blogging and my complete inability to 'sell' products Motives is not for me. On the flip side there were some of the products I thought looked really nice when I swatched them.

I think it's best that if people reading this are interested in becoming 'their own boss' with online training and support and also make 100% commission* (as far as I remember) then you should deffo get in touch with Debbie. You can email her on 

Here are all the links to Motives social media:
Twitter: +Motives Cosmetics  

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