My Holiday Haul from The Loop at Dublin Airport


Hey Hey Beautiful People,

It's been a good week, blog post wise, I finally feel I am catching up in things here and it hasn't felt like that in ages so thank you for your continued support and following of my little blog.

Every now and then when I can, I try to save for a makeup haul and this summer has been no different. I have been working really hard saving for all the hen's weddings and the holiday we had so I made sure that when I went through The Loop, I could treat myself.

My advice to anyone going through The Loop and wanting to treat yourself, have a little look online before you go, get some ideas..You've no idea just how distracted you can get but thankfully I had my list at the ready for the MAC counter. 

I was flying out of Terminal 2 and we had a very early flight, we were through security at 5am and I was delighted to see MAC open. The reason I pointed out being prepared is unfortunately at the time I went to the counter, there was only one girl available to serve. She was extremely busy with people asking questions about makeup. I found this a little annoying as I was waiting quite a while to be served. Now don't get me wrong, the girl herself was super but she was just snowed under at that time of the morning. There was a lady doing a shopping list for her daughter and the girl ran around getting everything she wanted and then the lady wanted her to test out foundations on her, I really began to feel for the girl as she now had a Q of 5 people deep, thankfully my list and the guy behind me had a list also so we were ready. 

When it was my turn, the girl again got all I asked for but they didn't have two of the lipsticks I wanted but she was so on the ball with two similar shades that she said would look really nice on me. Now before the skeptics tut at my poor restraint to not buy the lippies, the girl was not just 'trying to sell' and she was so right, I've been wearing both my lippies and I really like them so good call on her part!!

I was served, money paid and swinging that bag happily towards my gate in no time! Thanks to the lovely girl in MAC who was working at 5am in T2 on the 8th of June.

I couldn't go straight to the gate without stopping in Victoria's Secret for a peek. This shop was much quieter but again the girl on the till was super nice. In here I decided to try the primer I had read so much about and also the leg shine, not that I was going to tan on my holiday but I decided it was a must have for my night's out. The packaging alone in Victoria's Secret had me excited so it was €25 well spent!!

J was laughing as I boarded the plane, fearful I should have bought more and we hadn't even left Ireland and €150 was already gone!!

So what did I buy:

Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC30- I have been using this foundation since I'm at least 18. This was the first foundation I bought from MAC and continues to be my night time foundation. This is why the shade is so dark, I could only ever wear this with my darker tans and not for all day wear like for work. There's just something about this foundation that I love, it's really good coverage, you don't need to use loads of it each time and it lasts me a good while. This costs €2.25 in the loop.

Mac Waterproof ProLongwear in NC25- I decided to give this a go as I was passing through. I had read a few makeup artists & bloggers post on this, that it was a nice addition to their kits so for €31.05 it was a steep plunge. I am happy I did though, I wore this foundation recently to a family bbq, out in the sun all afternoon and the shine wasn't at all as bad as I thought it would be. I was really happy to see it wear well and it's something I will come back to time and time again. I decided on NC25 for this just for those lighter tan days as I don't want all my foundation to be super dark and I'll have nothing for my pale days, not that I have many of them to be fair!

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium- I can honestly say I've no idea why I bought this haha! I had a few of the MSF products now in shades like, medium deep, light plus, lightscapade and soft & gentle but I thought medium was good to have in my collection for use all over my face. I have used this a little but it's not really for my skin on it's more oily days but I'll use it nonetheless and add some light to my face. This costs €25.50. (if you have any advice on that to use this for let me know)

Mac Prep+Prime highlighter pen in Light Boost Ah-ha now this was something I was really looking forward to. I have seen so many people using this magic pen to brighten up their under-eye area so it had to be mine. I really like it, and it really does work to brighten up your face. Light Boost is exactly the shade I wanted so I was so happy when it was available to me in T2. This would be one of my highly recommended new products I've tried. This will set you back €20.85.

Lipsticks in Honey Love Please Me Awh my new babies, they are super pretty shades, kinda nude with a pink and a brown colour to them. I love them, as with many of my MAC lippies, I wear them most weekends and try to mix up my lip liner pencils with more than just one shade and thankfully my spice and soar liners work really well with these. These lipsticks cost €16.60 in The Loop and it's only natural to treat yourself to at least one new lippy as your pass through, it's actually a rule!! I hadn't chosen these girls before I arrived at the counter but I was really happy when the girl showed them to me, I swatched them and said yes and delighted I did now. 

The victoria's secret goodies were just a little treat to myself, I've used the Prime & set spray and it's lovely, I have only used it once or twice so I can't say too much at the min and the same goes for the leg shine, I haven't had a dark tan on lately but I will deffo give this a go with a few late nights out coming up.

Overall my service at The Loop was very good and it's such a handy service to have when you are travelling. Hope everyone is loving the weather :)

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