The Tan by The Two Jenns- What do I think?


Hello Everyone,

OMG it's Friday... I am so super happy it's Friday, I feel this week has been one of the longest ever and while I've been ploughing through work, writing in the evenings, I feel I am getting on top of blog posts now. I was totally swamped with reviews so getting on track now thankfully :)

So the followers to Mastering Your Makeup will know by now I am a serious tan lover, in 2014 I tried countless tans in order to find one suitable for a wedding and this year with having three weddings, four hen weekends, I've been mad for tan again.

Pic from website

The Tan was launched earlier this year and due to work I had to miss the launch event but was so happy to receive a bottle of the Super Hydrating Liquid Gel Tan a few weeks back to try out.

So what makes 'The Tan' so different to all the others??

Pic from website 

"The Tan…not just a tan!

We have added these skin loving ingredients to our formula, so not only will you have a beautiful golden glow, you are also protecting and nourishing your skin at the same time:
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Plays a critical role in skin health with its unique ability to hold in moisture. When applied to the skin, hyaluronic acid penetrates into the dermis to boost elasticity and hydration.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: anti oxidant, helps skin retain moisture, healing properties
  • Shea Butter: superior moisturising & healing properties, beneficial to skin conditions such as eczema & dermatitis
  • Sweet Almond Oil: anti-ageing, nourishes & relieves dry or irritated skin
  • DHA derived from natural ingredients" (

So here is the info on the Gel Tan that I received and thanks a mill for the new mitt, I always love a clean new mitt the first time I try out a tan :) 

"Our Super Hydrating Liquid Gel Tan glides on easily, dries almost instantly without stickiness & fades off evenly. Shower off after 2-3 hours for a light/medium colour, or leave on for 8 hours/overnight for a deeper colour. Be in control of your tan by layering up your liquid gel to achieve a deeper colour.
We have added a fresh and subtle watermelon scent , so no yucky fake tan smell!
The liquid gel consistency means it absorbs into the skin quickly so no stickiness either!
Hydrating ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter & Sunflower seed oil will help your tan to fade off perfectly and naturally." ( 
Now I love black and pink for packaging, it's the colour code I always like to use on the blog so i really like the look of The Tan products. I agree with the scent being really gentle as it's watermelon so only those with a nose against that fruit won't like the smell but for me I'm just happy not to smell like coffee or a biscuit while drying. I applied the tan in the evening, slept with it on and showered it off in the morning. I was really happy with the result. I hadn't totally taken off my old tan so my arm didn't come out exactly as I wanted it to but since then I have taken all the tan off and used the Liquid Gel Tan again and I really like the result. I got the colour I would wear for day tan after one application so I certainly feel that two layers of this would be excellent for a night out tan.

After one application (some old tan on)

I would recommend that you wash the tan off, I know sometimes I have applied a second or even third layer of  tan on and then gone out on my nights out with the girls, droplets of water come of glasses and I end up like a polka dot eegit on the dancefloor by the end of the night. This tan is a really nice colour and is totally buildable so you can layer it up in a couple of days before your event and have a beautiful dark tan leaving the house.
The Super Hydrating Liquid Gel Tan retails at €22.99 for a 250ml bottle. You can buy the tan from the website A brilliant feature of the The Tan's bottle are the helpful tips from the two Jenns on the back of the bottle, if you are not a huge tanner then sometimes you can forget some steps to really prep your skin and have a flawless tan finish. As I always say to people who ask me about tans, you really do need to prep and maintain your skin while tanning. You have to exfoliate in the days leading up to tanning and certainly moisturise after you've had your first rinse off shower. People are so quick to judge the tan as being 'crap' or 'patchy' but if you haven't prepped your skin then you wont have a great tanning experiences. That's why I was so interested to try the tan again a second time as I couldn't judge it based on my first experience as I knew in my heart, my skin wasn't ready.
I am really happy with this tan and I deffo want to try the Gradual Daily Bronzer next. This retails at €16.99 and I think this will be the perfect way to maintain the colour left from the Gel Tan.
A huge congrats to the two Jenns for their tanning masterpiece and really hope it's a huge success. It's so great to see the Irish ladies taken over the beauty world.

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