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Online beauty shopping how do we all feel about it??

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I'm great at it to be honest...I will now happily buy all my brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics online or Nima Brush, two amazing Irish brush companies but I think some of that comes from the two beauty shows which take place annually in the RDS. I will have a list ready, grab a few newbies and it’s a good chance to spot what you like then for your online purchases.

Brushes can be hard to judge from a screen, I'm sure many beauty lovers like myself have gone onto Ebay seen a ‘MAC’ makeup brush set for €20 and convinced ourselves it’s good quality. Well I did anyway and it was a stupid idea because once I became really into makeup and discovered great brands like them, I binned my ‘MAC’ brushes straight away.

Sometimes though, word of mouth and social media are exactly what you need in order to discover new brands and recently that’s exactly what happened to me…I have been seeing Spectrum Brushes all over my social media and mostly on the ladies From Matte to Metallic’s Facebook page. They teach many courses from their studio and each student gets spectrum brushes as part of their kit.

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Spectrum Collections is a cosmetics brush brand who specialise in boldly designed makeup brushes, applicators and tools, where vibrant colour palettes are teamed with expert design. Spectrum Collections aims to be a trusted and recognised brand amongst professional artists and makeup lovers alike.
All of Spectrum Collection’s brushes are hand finished, vegan and animal friendly - composed of the highest quality synthetic hair, ensuring the brushes are not only beautifully soft, but also a compassionate choice. 
Our unique product range targets a niche within the industry, and presents the opportunity to provide a vibrant range of alternative brushes, that translate as an extension of the vibrant colours used and loved by makeup fanatics.’ (www.spectrumcollections.com)

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I was really delighted to receive three Spectrum Brushes from Beauty Matters (www.beautymatters.ie) a few weeks back and have been putting them to the test with using them and cleaning them. Beauty Matters is an Irish online beauty store with a huge range of brands for you to choose from, I have been building a little shopping basket as the weeks to payday come closer. I really want two more of the spectrum brushes and some of the BECCA Cosmetics.  I absolutely love the ‘about us’ section of Beauty Matters its super quirky and just makes you want to shop!

Hello there! Let us introduce ourselves: we are BeautyMatters.ie.
Our goal - let's rephrase that - our vision is to make sure you have a fantastic experience while having a browse through our online store. Bear in mind that we take no responsibility if you happen to fall head over heels in love with our gorgeous hand picked range of nail lacquers or even our superb selection of skincare.
If you happen to see something you like then great, pop it into your basket (shhh...we won't tell if you don't :-P ). And if you don't get the chance to indulge and pamper yourself this time around, don't worry - just visit our Facebook page, where we like to reward everyone just for being a part of the Beauty Matters family.
Everyone knows sharing is caring, so that's what we're doing. We are bringing so many wonderful beauty and hair products to Ireland so we can all share them together. We've brought you brands like AR457, Ren, Butter London...oh my goodness, too many to name...I think we may have over shopped on this occasion. But hey, what's ours is yours and your happiness is what matters here at BeautyMatters.ie.
We can guarantee a lot to our customers. If we could deliver your luxuries by helicopter we would. They will arrive at your door on time with all the love, tenderness and care they deserve, so you can enjoy the benefits of being part of the Beauty Matters family. We might even throw in some extra freebies if you're good... 
Thanks for visiting us!
Come back soon,
Beauty Matters Team

The three brushes I received were the:

Well Rounded Domed Buffer: €10.75 “This beautifully soft but dense brush is the perfect tool to apply powder products. It is also suitable for cream formulas. Use to add a light amount of product to the face, and build to get the desired finish. The rounded bristles are perfect to use both on the apples of the cheeks, but also the temples to create a contoured effect.”

In The Buff Flat Top Buffer: €10.75 “Use to blend cream and liquid products onto the skin. The super soft bristles mean that foundation can be buffed lightly into the skin for a beautifully even finish that can be left lighter, or built up to a more full coverage look. This product is also perfect to contour the face by blending different coloured foundations into the skin seamlessly.”

Blending Friend Tall Tapered Blender: €5.99 “Our most popular eye blending brush, this is the ultimate tool for creating all kinds of make-up looks, from soft and romantic to full blown sexy and smokey. Use to blend out colour or build up shade in the contours of the eye, this brush can do no wrong.”

I am very happy with all these brushes, truly I am. They are super soft, I mean they're pink and purple for god’s sake I am a sucker for colours. I have used a range of foundations on the flat buffer and it cleans brilliantly every time with the baby shampoo and warm water combo. The domed buffer I’ve used for both contouring and blusher but I prefer to use it for blusher. Again its super soft it picks up the colour really well and doesn’t leave much fall off at all. The eye brush with its tapered top works perfectly into the crease of the eye. I have been using this brush with my transition colour for my eye looks. I love the pink handle on these Spectrum brushes but the hair is just so pretty, I think it’s a really good selling point for the brushes being so different. From the feedback I have been reading about Spectrum Brushes, I think they are going to be super popular with Make Up Artists and Beauty Bloggers alike.

If you are interested in trying some new brushes then I can happily recommend Spectrum Brushes. They are so on budget with only almost €11 for a bigger brush and only €5.99 for an eye brush.
An 8 piece eye set will set you back €42.50 on Beauty Matters that’s only a little over €5 per brush.
A 10 piece essential set which includes eye and face brushes is again only €60.

I hope you enjoyed learning all about Beautymatters.ie and Spectrum brushes, I’d love to hear if you’ve bought from Beauty Matters or used Spectrum Brushes before.

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