Sleek Makeup, Physicians Formula Make Up & More Treats!


Hello Everyone,

I hope the week is going well for you all...I am not liking this weather at all but still I have a lovely weekend coming up with my bestie Lainey coming up from Waterford and tomorrow a very special lunch with another very special lady in my life my bestie Cli is celebrating a milestone bday (shhh)

So for today's post it's a bit of a mixed bag of goodies I have been trying sent to me a little while back filled with brands I personally love so it makes reviewing so much easier.

First up is some lovely nail polishes from CND. These CND Vinylux weekly polishes are great. I have used both on my toes but I am not a feet fan at all so I will not be showing you pictures of my feet. I get my nails done every 2/3 weeks and recently have been getting the CND Shellac and loving it, check out my time with Elaine HERE. I was very used to using Gelish and not for one minute do I not love the strength or colours of Gelish but I am enjoying the change and these CND weekly polishes are super pretty I can't wait to see what other colours I would like to add to my pedi collection.

Next up is a firm fave of mine which needed to be replaced, it's the Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Dark. I love this product, it comes with a wax and a shadow, two little brushes and a tweezers. I don't actually use the brushes myself as I like a longer handled angled brush but the tweezer is always added to my first aid box in case I need to get rid of a splinter or for those awful stray hairs. The colours in this palette are perfect for my hair colour and with the range of brow kits available you are bound to find one that suits your hair colour also. This is the perfect kit to lash into your travel bag and your brows will always be looking fab! I have also recently posted on a sleek makeup event I attended HERE.

Ah Physicians Formula, this is a beautiful brand with beautiful products. They are not as cheap as some other pharmacy brands and sometimes hard to find but when you find them, you will love them! They have staple products that most of us bloggers love such as the BB powder and the Happy Booster Blusher but one thing I need to try has to be their bronzer, it's one of their most popular products and one I will get my hands on. I have reviewed Physicians Formula products HERE and HERE so check it out. This is the second Nude Palette I have tried from them and again, although the pans are quite thin they are beautiful colours and if you are going away for a night and want to create a few looks then these Nude Palettes are perfect. The Shimmer Strips are just lovely. I was a little skeptical to use them as chubby sticks on my eyes never seem to work out for me. I have the shimmer sticks liners and these are really simple to use so I was afraid after creating a nice look, if I tried to add to my eye using these I'd make a mess. I took the easier option and I added some of the darker colour to my bottom lash line as I didn't want to use black liner in my waterline...Success!! I had to add a little more than planned as it was quite smudged but I think after a few more times I'll get the hang of it. I also think these will work well all over the lid and then add a pigment on top of it. If you have any tips on how to use these shimmer sticks then I'd love to hear what you do. 

Another product we have to talk about today is the WetnWild Coverall Primer. I have been using this for a few weeks now and I find myself reaching for it all the time. I don't know what it is about the consistency but it really helps my makeup to stay on my face much longer than usual and I mostly use either Rimmel or Revlon foundation during my work days. I really love WetnWild Products, we all know how much I love their lipsticks but if you didn't know already then check out this post HERE. They are constantly bringing out new ranges and if colour is something you are into you need to check out the new Venice Beach collection, I have seen loads of bloggers getting these bad boys into their hands, the colours are wild and now is the time in the summer to bring out the colour! 

Back to Sleek Makeup with a bang and this time it's an eyeshadow palette I have totally fallen in love with! This is the i-Divine Del Mar Volume 2 limited edition palette and I love it!!! Yes I really am this excited about an eyeshadow palette because something has happened to me lately that I am all into colour. I think I have been going through a change in style and stuff lately and while I still opt for an awful lot of neutral colours and almost the no makeup look in work but at the weekend I lashed on the orange colour, a bit of yellow and then the highlighter also. It was really bright and colourful and while I haven't tried every single colour yet I am delighted to own this palette, I think it's really going to pull me out of a samey samey funk so when I get really confident with some colour looks I'll be sure to share them all with you. I think it's time my selfies are not always my 'day look' face!

It's really nice as a blogger to get to try some products that I may not necessarily think of to try myself but I really am so grateful for all the opportunities I get. Sometimes if after trying a product it turns out not to be my 'go to' I like to give to my mum, my sisters and my friends so they never go to waste. Sometimes I think I worry about my skills and I panic and don't post pictures on me actually using the products but trust me I've sat in my bathroom and bedroom taking about 20 selfies wondering which one is the best to post. But as I said before, I think it's time to up my game and get brave, I am been given so many great chances to showcase great makeup so you've been warned there will be a lot more of my face online ;) 

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