Catrice Festival Fever- Keep your face Bright, Healthy & Waterproof!


Hi All,

Hope you're all loving the summer, pretty hard with this weather playing games on us! Today on the Blog, I want to talk about some new Catrice makeup products I've been trying out over the last few weeks. I was so excited to receive these items in the post as I have loved Catrice for so long. The lipsticks are absolutely my favourite item from Catrice Cosmetics, particularly the scent from the lipsticks, it's such a pretty scent. They also have an amazing range of colours for each season and this new one is right up my lip street. Here is some new info from the press release...

"With festival fever on the summer horizon, it’s time to grab a few last-minute staples for your makeup bag. Whether it is Longitude, Sea Sessions or Electric Picnic you will be attending over the summer, Catrice has all you need for all the key festival looks. With elements like lack of sleep, weather threats and mosh-pits to contend with, festive glamour are two words one wouldn’t automatically put together! However, fear not festival fanatics, Catrice have the answers to create, appear and embody festival chic with your makeup!" (press release) 

Here are some of the goodies I've tried...

Catrice Kajal Kohl Eyeliner in White - "this is amazing for opening the eyes, reviving anyone who hasn't had a full night’s sleep or just to give your eyes a  little bit a brightness. RRP €2.29." I had been reading throughout the summer lots of beauty experts and MUA's talking about adding this to the waterline and my god does it help you look awake and alive. It's not been carried around in my handbag for the not so bright days when I want to look awake and alive. I really like using this while eyeliner with the peach and orange shadows that I usually wear on my eyes to really make the blue in my eyes really pop.

Catrice Better Than False Lashes, Volume Mascara- "This mascara is a vital ingredient for festival fun! Even if the rain clouds do rear their ugly heads (which fingers crossed they won’t…) this mascara won’t move! It will save you from ending up with eyes that resemble pandas. RRP €5.39" Waterproof mascara is an absolute must not only for the festival season but also for the emotional days such as weddings. As we know, I have had three weddings so far this year and I have shed a tear at the beauty at each one so a waterproof mascara is perfect. I also had to road test this beauty so what better way than to watch a soppy film which gets me every time...Beaches! If you haven't seen it you need to get your hands on it ASAP!  

Without Flash & with...

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lip Colour –"To jazz up a festival look, get bold with your lippy and add hot pink, matte red or purple! Catrice Ultimate Colour Lip Colour in Princess Peach is exactly the type of shade I wear on a regular basis. The bright hue will be sure to make sure you stand out from the crowd! RRP €4.49​" I have at least ten catrice shades and each one of them is a beautiful nuetral shade which are really nourishing on the lips. I find sometimes a matte lip can really dry out my already not in best shape lips so these lipsticks are a firm fave of mine for day wear when I want my lips to feel hydrated and let's face it at a need all the hydration you can get!

Without Flash & with...

"A tanned complexion and slightly contoured cheek are the perfect way to set off your festival fever. Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder has a beautiful texture, that gives a smooth-looking finish that also contains the perfect amount of golden shimmer to impart a healthy glow. RRP €4.49" Also in the lineup was this Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in the colour 09 Nougat It Right which is so pretty, I have been blending this our all over the lid and it looks stunning, it's quite  show stopping colour and something I will absolutely wear daily, it applies really well, just be sure to tap off the excess before you apply it to your face as there is some falloff. The matt bronzing powder is so nice to give colour to your face, I have been using it as a contour powder and I have also used it all over when I am wearing tan and wearing a paler foundation. 

If you are looking for some Catrice Cosmetics, they are available in Pharmacies Nationwide as well as Penneys Store. Catrice is a brand that everyone loves and I can totally see why, it's super affordable and stays on trend all the time bringing out new products for each season.

What Catrice Products should I look to pick up next? What's your favourite product?

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